Q & A with Reaghan Schicker


Reaghan is a Project Manager and Lead Architect for Tecton's Healthcare Team.


How did you get into Architecture?
I grew up with a father who owns a home construction business and a mother who has always had a knack for design and a love for HGTV, so I suppose it's in my blood somehow. The toys I played with most in my childhood were Legos, Lincoln Logs, and of course, Barbie. I clearly remember spending hours setting up Barbie’s world and home, but then the game was over for me. I took a few electives in high school related to architecture and excelled in those, although I had no background in art and will still stick to CAD over the delicacy of hand drawings! When it came time to choose a career path and start looking at colleges, architecture seemed like the natural answer. I’ve loved it ever since.


What is your role at Tecton?
I'm a Project Manager and Lead Architect focused in healthcare design. People often ask how I began designing spaces that most people try to avoid. In all honesty, I was thrown into the healthcare world as an intern, and I learned very quickly that healthcare environments are places that everyone experiences throughout life, no matter how much they'd like to avoid them. We tend to forget that there's a lot that happens in a healthcare environment, from the steady routine checkups to the hardships of losing a loved one, the excitement of beating the odds to the joy of bringing a baby into the world. How can anyone design a space that takes on all those life-changing events? It’s a challenge I love, and an excuse to keep researching and learning about all the facets of health, life, and what keeps us running!


What do you like about your job?
I like the variety of our day to day job. It’s somewhat cyclical in the sense that every project typically has the same phases to progress through, but it’s also like starting a  new puzzle every time. No project is ever the same; it’s always about the client, their needs and their dreams. We just help design the environment they need to succeed.


Who or what inspires you?
In this day and age, social media does a good job of inspiring by making it so easy for us to share influential projects across the world. On top of that my husband (who is also an architect), does a great job of pushing me to my limits. But being surrounded by a team who wants to create an environment that is better by design is what really helps me to believe I can achieve what I want to through architecture.


What career tip would you give a student who is entering the A/E/C industry?
Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. When you’re starting out, you have nothing to lose  and only everything to gain by new experiences and knowledge. The more you experience culture and understand what drives people, the better your designs will be.


If you had a month off, all expenses paid trip, where would you go?
Switzerland has been on my bucket list for a very long time now, and Italy brings back a lot of fond memories from studying abroad. I think I’d split my time between the two! Although I’d be sure to stay off the beaten path, because there is nothing better than eating fresh food with the locals and fully losing oneself in another culture.

860.548.0802 Connecticut  |  401.596.7555 Rhode Island

860.548.0802 Connecticut  |  401.596.7555 Rhode Island