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860.548.0802 Connecticut  |  401.596.7555 Rhode Island

A New Vibrant Social Hub for Students

Trinity College - Vernon Social Center, Hartford, CT


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Trinity College identified the need for a unifying space to foster a more robust social atmosphere on campus and tagged an underutilized 7,000 SF building as the ideal spot. An extensive renovation was necessary to divide the open area into smaller hubs, though original features like vaulted wood ceilings and a bright Sol LeWitt mural provided a glimpse of the space’s potential.


Tecton’s collaborative process is a key element in the success of all projects, but particularly so in applications with a broad and varied set of stakeholders. The firm engaged trustees, campus administrators, faculty and particularly students in the planning process to develop a space that is truly owned by the Trinity College community.



  • Multi-functional space supports a variety of activities and dining options.
  • Vibrant color palette conveys both the social and intellectual purpose of the space.
  • High-end A/V system manages volume throughout the space, allowing for both a quiet study room and theater area.
  • Stage and surrounding bleacher seating allow students to watch performances or films.
  • Welcoming patio and fire pits extend the social center into the outdoors.
  • Sustainable building materials contributed to the building’s LEED qualified status.


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Vernon Social Debuts to Rave Reviews by Campus Community



2014 Floor Focus – Vision Design Award Winner


2014 ASU Educational Interiors Showcase – Outstanding Design Award Winner