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Designing for Future Police Operations

Wilbraham Police Station - Wilbraham, MA


Public Safety

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Following a successful renovation of the Main Fire Station in Wilbraham, Tecton was contracted to provide design services beginning with a feasibility study to determine the best available options for relocating, expanding and updating the police station.


The existing police station was located in a 5,000 sf building which was originally constructed as a school in 1904.  Later it became the town hall/police until 1980 when it was solely occupied by the police department.  In addition to outgrowing the space and deterioration of the building, it suffered many deficiencies and did not function adequately as a modern day police facility.


With the goal of providing a facility to effectively operate for the foreseeable future, Tecton addressed site and programming issues as well as inadequate workspace, interview areas, decontamination facilities, security and prisoner conditions and efficient floor plan circulation.